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This 76 minute DVD is a somatic learning process of non-strenuous movements designed to expand our options in releasing chronic muscular tension and restoring efficiency in physical functioning. This program is based on the work of Thomas Hanna and his contribution in the field of Somatics. It contains a brief overview of what SENSORY MOTOR AMNESIA is, the three pathological processes by which it occurs, referred to as the LANDAU, STARTLE & TRAUMA reflexes, and how it can be overcome by movement re-education. The movement patterns worked with in the DVD is designed to address the muscular contractions held involuntarily and unconsciously as a result of the habituations of each of these reflexes. Sensory Motor Amnesia is a learned adaptive response; in can be Unlearned. Thus, these movements serve to create a better condition and environment for breathing, walking and functioning in a more comfortable and efficient body.

Improving Posture-DVD

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