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About Carol Welch

Carol has been devoted to developmental movement since 1979.  In her unique movement training, she pioneers her own distinctive technique with an amalgam of principles from Hanna Somatics, the world and dance and yoga.


She customized workshops for groups designed to meet the special needs of dancers, athletes, sedentary workers, pregnant women and seniors.  In addition to her international trainings, Carol maintains a private clinical practice in Colorado which blends somatic movement re-education, Kinesiology, the Upleger, Milne and Sills Craniosacral therapies and St. John method of neuromuscular therapy.


Carol is one of only 35 individuals trained by Thomas Hanna.  Carol is intuitive, gifted teacher who ardently models what she shares with others.


"I have used your VHS version of Biosomatics so much over the last several years that it is just about worn out. It has helped me so much! Thank you for the wonderful work and great video(DVD)."

Margaret Zachary

Sarasota, Florida


"Thanks so much for the production of the DVD's The first day I did the

movements it took away 90% of my pain."

Steve Savenvein

Yuma, AZ


"Using both DVDs my health has improved beyond measure. Thank you                                                                                                               for your excellent work that you are doing for seniors , low back and knee

joints and other pain."

Jay Stone

Seattle, WA.



"The Biosomatic education work was a valuable and enlightening experience. This movement education will be very appropriate and helpful for our clients. Carol Welch is a superb teacher. I found her a powerful and innovative teacher and hope to continue studying with her in the future."

Rebecca Gorrell

Director of Fitness and Movement Therapy, Canyon Ranch


"Appreciate there are people like you out there, putting out very clear work."

Hillary Witt


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